Nov 11

Emotions and Investing

It is way too easy to attach your emotions to your investments.  DO NOT DO THIS.  Let time and prosperity take care of its self.  There may be temporary changes in the market or a stock, but don’t let the short term override the long term.  

As long as you invest in a business that will be better than it is now, or a composite of quality businesses you will be fine. The best advice I can give to complement the video below is to buy SPY which is basically the S&P 500 (the best 500 US companies).  Over time, the US market will be better in the future than it is now.

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Nov 03


This video shows how to relist several items on eBay for free.

Nov 02

Shipping Secrets!

Check it out….

Oct 29

How to Edit Multiple Listings On eBay

Check out this :30 second video, its really easy!


Oct 27

Investing in the MARKET 101

The 3 biggest do’s and don’ts for investing!  Whether you’re a seasoned Wall Street Juggernaut or only have a $50 Gov’t bond you got from your grandparents when you were born, there are some principle rules to play by when investing.

Check out the video to get the scoop!

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Oct 25

The New Way How to Embed Youtube Videos on your eBay Listings


Above is a walkthrough on how to embed Youtube videos on your eBay listings.

Below is the code you need to embed youtube videos to eBay.  Simply replace the XXXXXXXXXXX with the last 11 characters to your youtube link.


Oct 23

How to sell on eBay for eBeginners



I’ve been asked for a while to put together a how-to for eBaying.  So here it is.


1. Sign Up with eBay and PayPal.

2. Gather the things you want to eBay.

3. Price out the things you are going to eBay on google/amazon/craigslist and of course eBay to find what it is going for.

3. Determine how you are going to ship or if for local pick up only.

4. Take clear pictures.

5. Then post in the correct category.  Be as accurate as possible.  DO NOT LIE!  Your seller rating will help you sell items at premium.

6. Once the bidding has ended, wait until to receive funds before you ship.

7. Ship as soon as you receive funds.

8. Leave feedback on the buyer and request feedback from the buyer.


This is the most basic directions for selling on eBay. More info to come on more advanced topics.